Bridal Photoshoot

This was a Bridal shoot that I organised with local collaborators including, Brides of Merivale (for the dresses) Tegan Clark photography for the photos and Samantha Rose for the Flowers. It was a great experience and Thanks to QC, adding to my portfolio of knowledge and skills I applied myself and we made this BEAUTIFUL photoshoot.

Photographer: Tegan Clark

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  • Kuincey Banac-Aricayos says:

    Congratulations on your success. The photo shoots are beautiful! I am newly enrolled and looking towards a career in Special effects and movie make up. I am going from the chef/pastry chef world and an Art Major to boot, I hope I will be at your level. As a male most people are surprised. But, I believe men can do it. Best wishes and Aloha from Hawaii!

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