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QC’s most popular course, the Master Makeup Artistry Course, has recently been updated! The same concepts are now presented in a fresh format with updated, interactive assignments. If you’ve been doing your research on the course, you know that you’re expected to do a lot of hands-on makeup application.

Today, we’re going to show you a sneak peek of the Master Makeup Artistry course! You’ll see how a typical practical assignment is structured and what’s expected of you as a student.

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Master Makeup Artistry Course Unit E

Unit E allows you to get creative! By this point, you will have plenty of practice building your basic makeup techniques. Now it’s time for you to put your creativity to the test! Good artists can replicate looks. But great makeup artists are those who can take the building blocks of their makeup techniques and create jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind looks.

Preparing for the assignment

Before you can give your best for the assignment, you must complete the required readings for the unit! You’ll need to read the text, Fantasy Makeup Applications. In this book, you’ll learn all about designing makeup concepts for fashion shows and photoshoots. From theory to current trends, you’ll learn what it takes to create a truly unique look!

Fantasy makeup applications text book cover

You must also watch the “Fantasy Makeup” demonstration video. Celebrity makeup artist and QC Makeup Academy’s executive instructor, Nathan Johnson, gives you a step-by-step lesson on fantasy makeup application. You’ll use the lesson text to guide your understanding of the visual techniques demonstrated in the video.

Unit E Assignment 1: Fantasy Makeup Application

In this assignment, you’ll practice creating a fantasy makeup application based on the client scenario provided.

Pro Tip: You’ll want to secure a model to complete this assignment on. We encourage our students to work on models instead of themselves. After all, how else can you develop your professional skills? Applying makeup on yourself is much different than doing makeup on another person!

Scenario: Your model is a celebrity client known for her bold, experimental fashion, and beauty. You’ve been hired to do her makeup for an upscale charity gala she’s been invited to attend. The annual gala is an exclusive event and always involves a big list of major celebrities. This year, the gala has a science fiction-inspired theme.

Your client has opted to wear a simple black suit for the event, pictured on the right. She wants the focus of her look this year to be a unique, experimental makeup application. Your job is to create a fantasy makeup application that will turn heads as your client walks down the red carpet.

fantasy makeup application scenario photo

Step 1: Take a “before” photo of your model

Take care to use the following framing style shown below. Make sure her face is clean. The model’s eyes must be open.

before photo of makeup model for qc makeup academy master makeup artistry assignment

Step 2: Create a fantasy look for your model

Based on the scenario above, create your fantasy look. Keep in mind the outfit provided in the scenario, the theme of the event, and the client’s bold, experimental style. You can use any products or techniques you want. If you’re not sure where to start, do some research into real-life looks celebrities have worn to red carpet events.

Your tutor will be grading you on the originality and suitability of your application for the scenario provided. As always, your tutor will also be grading you on the overall skill of your basic makeup techniques.

Step 3: Take an “after” photo of your model

When you’re happy with your work, take a picture using the same framing you used for your “before” photo. The eyes should be open in this photo. Take two more pictures that show close-ups of the eyes following the framing below. The eyes should be open in one and closed in the other. Save the files to your computer.

master makeup artistry course sample

Remember, all of QC Makeup Academy’s courses are self-paced. You don’t need to feel rushed to complete this assignment! Take as much time as you need to practice your techniques until you’re satisfied with how your submission looks. As any talented makeup professional will tell you, practice makes perfect!

Don’t forget, you can always contact a member of the Student Support team with any assignment questions you may have.

If you’re curious about what a course video looks like, check out this video sample of an editorial look from the Master Makeup Artistry course!

Need a crash course on taking makeup photos? Check out this article from QC’s executive instructor, Nathan Johnson, to learn how to take amazing assignment photos!

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