Graduate Feature: Brittney Sladky - QC Makeup Academy

Name: Brittney Sladky

Location: Raymond, Nebraska

Graduated QC Course: Master Makeup Artistry

Current QC Courses: 

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Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a small town girl from Nebraska. I have done everything backwards in my life. I got a good paying, full-time job after high school, had my first baby, got married, had another baby… and now at the age of 33, I am finally pursuing a career I am head-over-heels in love with! When I’m not doing bridal makeup on the weekends, I am usually at home with my husband and two little boys. We live on 20 acres outside of town and love the quiet and simple country life! I also work another full-time job Monday through Friday.

What inspired you to take a professional makeup artistry course? What drew you to QC Makeup Academy?

Professional makeup began to intrigue me in 2005 when I had my own makeup done for my wedding. By that time in my life, however, I already had a mortgage, a few car payments, and a full-time job. Over the next several years, I only dreamed of heading down a different career path. I didn’t know how to quit my job to go back to school and still pay the bills.

One day, I just decided I was going to change my current situation and google searched “online makeup schools.” I found many, but QC Makeup Academy was the one that I felt was the most credible. I loved that it was affordable, and it fit perfectly into my busy schedule as I could complete my courses on my own time. I decided to jump in right away and I haven’t looked back!

Which unit or assignment of Master Makeup Artistry did you enjoy the most? Do you feel the course gave you the tools to launch a successful business?

Of course, I loved the bridal unit!  I knew that was what I was going to work in mostly so I was most excited to learn how to interact with clients. As soon as I graduated, I booked my first bridal party. The course taught me everything I needed to know to get started!

You’re currently taking QC’s Pro Makeup Workshop and Global Beauty Course. How do you think these courses will help you expand your business?

In this area of the country, the greatest opportunities for makeup artists are in the bridal industry. I want to be able to offer services to clients of all demographics. The Global Beauty Course will help me to be able to offer makeup applications to women of every demographic: women of color, Hispanic women, South Asian women, etc.

Do you have tips for makeup artists who want to make brides feel their best on their big day?

Communicate with your clients! You’ve done the training, you know how to apply makeup. But all of that is no good if you don’t give your client the look that she wants! I took the Bridal Consultation form from the Master Makeup Artistry course, tweaked it a little to suit my needs, and sent that to every one of my brides.

I ask questions about their gown, their bridesmaid dresses, colors of flowers, colors of jewelry. I ask them about their skin conditions and those of their bridal party. Do they like natural or dramatic makeup?

I also started asking for their social media information so I can look to see how they apply their own makeup each day… because I’ve learned that everybody’s “natural makeup” is different. I also ask the name of their wedding photographer! I do a lot of research so I can get all of the details just right!

You’re one busy lady! Balancing being a mother of two and having a full-time job on top of your makeup career must be tricky! What’s the most rewarding part of doing makeup part-time?

Two things! One: The smile on their face when they see their makeup for the first time!  And two: the friendships I make with each bride! Most brides are now my Facebook friends and we keep in touch now! I’m also starting to get referrals from them to their friends. Is there anything better than a referral?!

Picture this: you get a last minute booking because another makeup artist cancelled last minute! What products do you make sure to have with you as you rush out the door?

PRIMER & SETTING SPRAY!!! This Nebraska summer heat and humidity is killer! And my airbrush system because that’s what every bride here wants right now… and LASHES!!!

What advice would you give to an aspiring makeup artist who wants to pursue a makeup career in a small town like yourself?

Network and educate yourself! Very early on, I reached out to another successful makeup artist in my area and she has taken me under her wing! I’ve assisted her with larger wedding parties and now she’s referring me to other artists in town who need help. I’ve reached out to so many other artists for advice and product information. A simple message on social media has led to many great friendships!

I’ve even taken a model with me to another artists home, she observed my makeup application, and was awesome about giving me advice to help me move faster! In addition, education has set me light-years ahead. I’m proud to say I’m a certified makeup artist. Not only do clients notice, but other makeup artists also notice and appreciate proper education!

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