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Have you ever wondered how a professional makeup artist stores their products?

Lucky for us, Stephanie Wyatt gave us a sneak peek to what her personal workspace looks like. Stephanie is super organized and works her makeup magic by having every tool she needs at the ready. Different lighted mirrors, professional makeup chair and ample natural lighting, her make application workspace is a makeup artist’s dream.

Not to mention her makeup brushes and perfectly divided lipstick collection will you give you some serious organization goals!

Why every makeup artist should have a makeup application workspace

Every artist has a studio. As a makeup artist, it’s just as important you have a space that inspires you and allows you to get creative as you want! As you can see in the video, Stephanie has all of her makeup tools organized and within reach. While you may not be working on a client in your personal makeup workspace, getting yourself in the habit of returning each brush to its proper home will stick with you during professional applications!

Notice the multiple bottles of sanitizing spray Stephanie has in her workspace? A client who sees the spotless way a makeup artist keeps her tools will confidently take a seat in your makeup chair!

Stephanie also has amazing natural lighting in her workspace, along with lighted mirrors for really close-up applications! All of these features provide the perfect space for you to try out a new look before you work on a client.

Get creative with your cosmetic storage

Makeup Application Workspace Organized Beauty Products

Let’s face it, makeup deserves to be showcased. Makeup products are expensive! A lot of thought goes into designing each gorgeous tube of lipstick or mascara. Plus, they are your tools of the trade! Show them off!

Just like your favorite bottles of fragrance, you can showcase your favorite products and store them so they stay fresh! This can mean getting creative with DIY makeup organizers. Mix & match cool pots or plates for your brushes, and use hanging bathroom baskets for other products! If Stephanie’s makeup application workspace has taught us anything, it’s that makeup can be organized and stylish. A pretty and flattering paint color on your walls doesn’t hurt!

For more pro tips from Stephanie, check out her video tutorial for a flawless blending technique.

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