Graduate Feature: Latoya Dansby-Stubbs - QC Makeup Academy
Name: Latoya Dansby-Stubbs
Location: Memphis, TN
QC Courses she’s taken: Master Makeup Artistry
Instagram: @ellethemeekmua
Twitter: @ellethemeekmua
Facebook: www.facebook/meekelleartistry

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 32 years old and I currently live in Memphis, TN . I am a full time social worker, wife, daughter, sister, friend and permanent artist at MAC Cosmetics.

Latoya Dansby

Why did you decide to go into makeup artistry? What about it appeals to you?

I absolutely love makeup. What appeals to me the most about makeup is that is truly can elevate your beauty to the next level. I enjoy the smiles of clients once I have adorned their faces. Makeup also gives us ability to utilize our imagination and bring to life characters that live in our magical minds.

My passion started while I was in college. I started out by playing with different eye looks. In 2014, I decided to completely throw myself into the world of makeup artistry professionally, and I started my freelance company Meekelle Artistry.

What’s one thing that you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out in the business?

Hmmmmm… so much, LOL! Mainly, I’d say these pointers:

“Be patient and know that what is for you is for you.” Don’t get discouraged, work diligently and things will come.

“Good things come to those who work hard, examine your work ethic at all times.” Always pay attention to your artistry. Seek out opportunities to grow as an artist and to grow professionally.

“To grow your business, you must know the business.” Network, get a mentor and find out what it takes to run a successful freelance business. Understand it won’t be easy and there will be sacrifice but in the end your business will be better.

Latoya Dansby-Shubbs

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career has been becoming a permanent artist at MAC Cosmetics. My job at MAC has afforded me the opportunity to work on many different skin types and skin tones. Being at the MAC counter teaches you the most important technique needed in makeup artistry which is customer service! Working at a counter, you will meet pleasant and not so pleasant clients but you will learn how to remain professional and provide top service to everyone you encounter.

How do you think QC Makeup Academy has prepared you for working in the field?

Latoya Dansby

QC Makeup Academy definitely prepared me for my journey as a makeup artist. I am convinced that if I had not received the training from QC Makeup Academy, I don’t think I would have had to courage to even apply to become a MAC artist. People can say what they want about online learning but the training and feedback I received from Nathan Johnson and Pat Armstrong changed my entire artistry. I am extremely thankful for QC Makeup Academy and my mentors who guided me through this process.

If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh goodness only one? Sheesh. I would have to say waterproof mascara….. I live for long luscious eye lashes!

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