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Ah, spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming—and you’re shopping for new makeup products!

Not everyone switches up their makeup with each new season, but we’re betting the scent of summer has you pumped to try out at least a few new products. But wait! Before you start throwing new products on top of old in your makeup kit, you might need to do some reorganizing—and, yes, even a little purging.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your bedroom or your wardrobe. What better way to start off the season than with a makeup kit that’s clean, tidy, and free of disgustingly ancient products you can’t even identify anymore? And while you’re at it, spread the joy—share this infographic on your own site to get your clients cleaning out their own personal makeup bags!

Makeup spring cleaning infographic

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A few more tips…

  • Got some products that are absolutely winter-only? You can help extend their life a little by sticking them in the fridge for the summer, then breaking them out again in the fall.
  • Just because you’ve tossed five old products doesn’t mean you need to buy five new ones! Think about what you’ve thrown out. If you just don’t use it, don’t bother restocking!
  • Hanging onto a palette for a single shade? See if you can find a match for that shade with Temptalia’s swatch gallery—that way you don’t have to buy the whole palette again.
  • Or make your own palette by putting your most-used shades in an empty magnetic palette case, like the ones made by Z Palette.
  • Sad but true—if you’ve had an eye infection, all the eye products you’ve used recently need to go, even if their expiry date is nowhere in sight.

Don’t save your makeup hygiene for spring—practice it year round! You don’t want to fall into any of these cringe-worthy makeup hygiene mistakes

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