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Happy New Year! I hope you are doing wonderfully. I am feeling great and wanted to give a warm welcome to all the new QC Makeup Academy students who have enrolled during the last year. This blog post is for all of you, whether you’re newcomers or students halfway through the Master Makeup Artistry course. I’m only a few assignments away from finishing the course and I thought it would be cool do to a run through of all I’ve learned throughout it up until now.

Unit A

Unit A is the perfect appetizer for getting into the world of makeup artistry. You will learn all the basics of maintaining a clean, sanitary, and organized makeup kit. You will also get into lighting (which is SO important!) and working with the space you have when doing a job. I have really applied what I learned in every job I do. I’ve had the experience of working on a bride in a house with almost no natural light and having to move her to the bathroom entrance or working outdoors with only a bag of touch up products and no mirrors. You will learn all you need to be ready for anything!

Makeup artist in natural lighting with makeup kit

Unit B

Unit B goes head-on into skincare and makeup application. Knowing skin types is essential to being a good makeup artist. If you don’t know what products work with your client’s specific skin type you’re playing Russian roulette! You’ll learn the basics of skin prep, what kinds of products are around and when to use them. Also, believe me when I say color theory is your friend and corrections will save your life!

Makeup artist using corrector palette

Unit C

Unit C delves into the business side of makeup artistry. You’ll learn tips on how to be a better communicator, how to close a “sale”, how to market yourself, and it has some nifty contract and invoice templates that will be super useful. The rest of the unit goes into seasonal changes in colors and fashion tendencies, although you should always try to keep yourself updated with what’s on trend.

Unit D

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Unit D is my favorite unit ever! I LOVE bridal (most of my clients are brides and bridal party). This unit will get you started with the essence of bridal makeup as well as how to work with the bride on a personal and business level. With brides there’s a lot of emotion involved and you have to be very tactful when working with this kind of client. Unit D also has a history of makeup trends, which I loved. It’s really interesting to note how trends come back and it’s good to know where they’re coming from.

Beautiful bride with pretty bridal makeup

Unit E

Unit E is a really fun unit. This unit goes into makeup specifically for photography, glamour shots, fantasy, live events, etc. The unit book is great to have for reference when doing something new. This unit is also very useful when you’re going to start building your portfolio so pay close attention!

And that’s it! I’ll totally get back to you when I’m done with Unit F which is clearly going to be awesome as well. 🙂

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