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Who doesn’t love a fun fact? Here at QC, we love sharing interesting and unique things about makeup that inform, inspire, or even make you laugh!

As a professional makeup artist, you’re probably the go-to source for your family and friends (and of course, your clients) for all things makeup, right? So while you impress them with your knowledge of products and techniques, you can also dish out some makeup fun facts!

Here’s a handy little infographic with some interesting facts about morning beauty routines that may surprise you. You can share this with your family, friends, and clients and learn more about their morning routines while impressing the heck out of them! You makeup-savvy artist, you.

Morning Makeup Fun Facts

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  • Shekinah says:

    Interesting yet so true about the amount of time we spend on make up each week! I guess Monday we are refreshed from the weekend and Friday is when the tiredness of the whole week kicks in haha!

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