Harley Quinn Makeup

Special FX

My first attempt at this gory special effects makeup look! I really enjoyed creating this look using only liquid latex, tissue, cream makeup, fake blood, eye shadow and pins

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  • Kuincey Banac-Aricayos says:

    Aloha from Hawaii! Your Special Effects make up are stunning! I watched one of your YouTube videos, awesome! I know you will go far! I am newly enrolled and like you want to get into Special Effects and movie make up. At the moment I am an Art major, and soon to be going for my B.A in Art at the University of Hawaii. I also want to use the air brushing techniques for cake art. I by trade was a chef/pastry chef. Thanks for being an inspiration! Being a male, doing make up is always surprise for not being a female. I believe both sexes can do any career if they have the passion.
    Aloha and Good luck from Hawaii!!!

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