Hayley Siebe

Student Ambassador

I was that little girl you’d find in front of the mirror, applying makeup and straightening her hair bright and early every morning. Growing up, beauty and glamor were always been great passions of mine. I loved to play and experiment with makeup; recreating all types of cute, dazzling looks. Over time, I began doing makeup on other people as well. Ever since then, I’ve known that I wanted to make other people look and feel their best! Being a professional makeup artist gives me that opportunity.

QC Makeup Academy offers so many things you can’t find anywhere else! You get a full 2 years to complete your course, all while working at your own pace. This has been really important to me because during high school, self-paced learning wasn’t really an option. They wanted the highest test scores in the shortest amount of time, which caused me to really struggle and stress out. But with QC, I’m able to take my time and go at MY preferred pace. The assignments are never rushed and there’s even an option to redo assignments for a better grade, if desired. You also get a real, internationally-recognized certification. This was critical for me! I want to able to work anywhere and reassure clients that I’ve had experience in this kind of work before. QC has helped me reach my potential. I would not be where I am today without them!

QC Makeup Academy had a VERY positive impact on my career. Their Master Makeup Artistry Course was the first certified makeup course I’d ever completed. I can say without a doubt that their training has given me the tools and confidence to grow as a makeup artist. Since graduating, I’ve assisted a Cincinnati-based bridal MUA for a few weddings. Plus, I’ve been able to get my freelance makeup artistry business out there – and have already gained clients in the process!


Here are the courses Hayley is taking with QC!

Master Makeup

Graduate 2020

Hair Styling Essentials

Currently Enrolled