Erica Cano

Student Ambassador

I liked to play with makeup in high school. Once my parents finally allowed me to own makeup during my senior year, I started doing other peopleโ€™s makeup and hair. I enjoyed playing with colors and was know for my โ€˜sunset eyeโ€™ look. I even got to do my friendโ€™s bridal makeup, right before starting my professional training. That experience made me completely fall in love with makeup again. Thatโ€™s how I knew this was the career for me!

QC Makeup Academy has quite a few unique things. The self-pace assignments are a big one for me. I also really appreciate that you get hands-on practice. Another unique thing is having the Virtual Classroom on Facebook and getting to connect with other students and grads from all over the world! Everyone is passionate about learning, and the Virtual Classroom alone really helps boost your confidence. The critiques from tutors are also amazing! They help shape you and make you think outside the box whenever needed.

QC Makeup Academy helped contribute to my success because theyโ€™ve boosted my confidence in reaching out to people. Not only that – finishing the Skincare Course has allowed me to help others rebuild confidence in their own skin. My training has really opened up my eyes to all aspects of makeup. I now understand how to work with every kind of client, skin tone, and skin type.


Here are the courses Erica is taking with QC!

Master Makeup Artistry

Graduate 2021


Graduate 2021

Virtual Makeup

Graduate 2021

Global Beauty

Currently Enrolled

Hair Styling

Currently Enrolled