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Start your makeup training to figure out what field of makeup artistry you want to work in!

Not sure what you want to do with your makeup certification? You’re not alone, and that’s okay! Start with foundational makeup training and keep your options open for now. During your studies, you’ll probably find one or two areas of makeup artistry that appeal to you!

Find Your Passion

Makeup Artistry is a journey! If you know you want to be a makeup artist but aren’t sure yet exactly what kind of makeup artistry job you want, that’s great! You’re in the perfect place to explore possibilities and find your passion.

Most professional makeup artists start off where you are now.  You have a genuine love of all things makeup and know that you want to make that your full-time career. But whether you want to work freelance, or work at a spa, or do Special FX, or maybe work in high fashion… all those possibilities are up in the air right now.

The good news is, with QC’s training, you’ll have a chance to explore different areas of makeup artistry and then develop the skills and career path that are most appealing to you. What’s more, your personal tutor is committed to helping you get the most out of your education AND your future career. He or she will be more than happy to recommend career paths for you based on your strongest skills!

Career Paths for Makeup Artists

There are too many career paths to choose from! Each career path can be categorized in these groups. As you go through your foundational makeup training, keep these possible career paths in mind!

Freelance Makeup Artistry

Most makeup artists start out as freelance artists. This is where you run your own small freelance business and get individual clients for special occasions (makeup for weddings, parties, evenings out, proms, etc.) Things can start off a bit slow at first for a freelance makeup artist, but as you build a solid reputation within the community, it can blossom into a lucrative full-time career!

Makeup Counter Artist

In this full-time or part-time job, you’ll work as a makeup artist for a top makeup brand in a retail environment. You job will be to sell the brand’s makeup products to clients who come to the counter for beauty advice. You’ll do makeovers and product consultations on a regular basis. This is a great career opportunity for the artist who wants a stable job and who strives in a high stress sales environment!

In-House Makeup Artist

If you want to do makeup but want someone else to take care of finding your clients and setting your salary, consider becoming a makeup artist for an established beauty salon or spa.  These can be either full-time or part-time positions where you’re the resident makeup artist for the location’s clients. Other businesses that might hire full-time in-house makeup artists include local attractions (theme parks, for example), funeral homes, local studios, and more.

Makeup Artist in the Entertainment or Fashion Industries

If you want an exciting, fast-paced career where you get to travel and meet loads of new people, becoming a makeup artist for film, television and/or high fashion might be a great fit for you. These are tough industries to break into, but ask any MUA working in these jobs, and they’ll tell you it was worth the effort.

What Course Should You Take?

If you want to explore your options and aren’t sure which area to focus in yet, start here!


QC’s popular Master Makeup Artistry Course is the PERFECT place to start for any MUA who isn’t sure where to take their career yet.  This course will teach you all the fundamentals of makeup artistry including color matching, blending, contouring, makeup for daytime and evening and more.

You’ll then learn different types of makeup based on specific industries, including bridal makeup, makeup for film, television and theater, makeup for high fashion, and an introduction to Special FX.  These additional units – exclusive to the Master Makeup Artistry Course! – are the perfect way to explore applying your makeup skills to different sub-specialties.

Business Training Included!  This course also features QC’s business start-up training. If there’s a chance you’ll choose to start your own business after graduating, this training will be the key to your success!

You’ll work with your personal tutor to come up with your business plan, name your makeup business, think about how to price your services, and so much more. You’ll graduate ready to advertise your services.



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