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What Does an Entertainment Industry MUA do?

The entertainment industry is wide open for a savvy makeup artist. Every aspect of this industry, from TV shows to theatre productions to editorial shoots, need a talented and efficient makeup artist in the background.

Makeup artists in the entertainment industry will usually specialize in one or two key areas (special effects, for example). You’ll likely work on short-term or long-term contracts for different types of projects or productions.  This type of job isn’t just for Hollywood! Think about your local television stations, theatre productions, visiting tours, festivals, etc. Sometimes it’s easier to break into the industry in a low-key area, then move to a larger city once you’ve made a name for yourself.

How to Become a Makeup Artist in the Entertainment Industry

Get educated

A certification will prove to your future employers that you have the skills and expertise to apply makeup effectively and safely! While not always a requirement to work in the industry, a makeup artist with no certification will have a more difficult time finding employment.

Build your Portfolio

While you’re building your skills, take any opportunity to secure photos of your most stellar work for your portfolio. A great portfolio will be paramount to getting your career started and growing!

Follow the law!

In certain areas, you’ll need to join a union if you want to work in specific sectors of the entertainment industry.  It’s best to always check state and local regulations to make sure you’re following employment laws! If you’re not sure, your local cosmetology board should be able to direct you.

Start your career!

You should be able to get smaller short term contracts to get your foot in the door. Once your reputation is established as a talented and efficient makeup artist, bigger opportunities will be within your grasp!

What Course Should You Take?

If you want to start a career as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry, start here.

Master Makeup

Enter the makeup industry with confidence and skills thanks to a well-rounded education. You’ll learn the foundations of what makes a great makeup look, then dive into more complex techniques to enhance your abilities as an MUA.

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Makeup Kit Included

Set Yourself Apart!

Upgrade your master makeup artistry training with these additional courses, and help better prepare yourself for work in the entertainment industry!

Never underestimate the value of extra certifications! And remember! As a QC student, you receive a 50% discount on all additional courses!


In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll develop an expertise for makeup applications from all over the globe. A must for any serious artist!

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FX Makeup

Learn to be a special effects makeup artist. Create ghoulish creatures, age characters, simulate wounds and much more!

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SFX Makeup Kit Included

Hair Styling

Learn how to do blow-outs, updos, period looks, and more. Combine hair styling with your makeup course and round out your beauty training!

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Styling Wand Included
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