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Help clients look and feel their best by offering makeup artistry services at a local salon or spa!

What is an In-House Salon Makeup Artist?

A salon makeup artist is one who works as an employee of a local salon or spa. This makeup artist offers makeup artistry services to the spa’s clients.

Salon and spa clients will book appointments with you in advance for makeovers as part of a day of pampering, or makeup for a special occasion (perhaps a night out or a wedding, for example).

This makeup career track is a great way to have stable salary-based employment as a full-time makeup artist!

How to Become a Salon or Spa Makeup Artist

Get educated

Very few businesses will want to hire you as a full time makeup artist if you don’t have a basic certification indicating you’re well versed in makeup safety, skin types/conditions, makeup techniques and more.

Build a Portfolio

Before getting hired as a makeup artist at a salon or spa, you’ll need to have some experience working on clients. Your portfolio will be your proof that you’re able to complete different flawless makeup looks on a variety of people!

Get an Interview

Keep an eye out on local job boards and websites for openings at your local salons and spas. You can also apply directly to a local business of your choice; but don’t be pushy! A good portfolio along with a solid resume & cover letter will help you get your foot in the door.

Start Working!

Once you’re hired on as a full-time makeup artist, it’ll be your time to shine! Start making a name for yourself in the community by offering exceptional services to your clients and customers!

What Course Should You Take?

If you want to start a career as a salon or spa makeup artist, start here.

Master Makeup

Enter the makeup industry with confidence and skills thanks to a well-rounded education. You’ll learn the foundations of what makes a great makeup look, then dive into more complex techniques to enhance your abilities as an MUA.

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Makeup Kit Included

Set Yourself Apart!

Upgrade your makeup artistry training with these additional courses, and help yourself stand out from the competition.

Never underestimate the value of extra certifications! And remember! As a QC student, you receive a 50% discount on all additional courses!


Become a Professional Skincare Consultant and add a huge revenue stream to your booming makeup business!

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In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll develop an expertise for makeup applications from all over the globe. A must for any serious artist!

  or  /mo


Airbrush Makeup

Learn airbrush makeup. Find out how to apply foundation and blush, learn corrective makeup, stenciling techniques, and create fantasy characters!

  or  /mo


Hair Styling

Learn how to do blow-outs, updos, period looks, and more. Combine hair styling with your makeup course and round out your beauty training!

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Styling Wand Included
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