QC’s Holiday Makeup Contest

Winter is such an exciting time for makeup artists. There are countless sources of inspiration for truly original makeup applications.

Now’s your chance to stretch your creative muscles in our Holiday Makeup Contest!

Using the winter wonderland photo below as inspiration, you can create either a Holiday Glam Look or a Winter Fantasy Look… or both!

Learn more below.

Hurry! Contest entries close on December 19th!

Winter Wonderland Sparkle

How It Works

This contest contains two categories: Holiday Glam and Winter Fantasy. For each, you’ll use the picture above as inspiration to create your makeup look.

You can choose to enter in one or both categories!

Simply complete your makeup look, and send in your entry via email to contests@qccareerschool.com by December 19th.

In your email, you’ll need to include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address and a daytime phone number
  • Your full mailing address
  • Before and After pictures of your model
  • A brief description of the look you decided to create

Three finalists will be selected by QC’s Executive Makeup Artist Nathan Johnson, and shared on an album on QC’s Facebook Page on the morning of December 20th where fans of the school will vote for the winning look by liking their favorite pictures.

The Prizes

The winners will receive the SEPHORA Color Festival Blockbuster Set. This kit is valued at over $200!

The set includes:

  • 72 Eyeshadows
  • 28 Lipgloss
  • 8 Blush
  • 18 Cream Eyeliners
  • 4 Two-in-One Creams for Cheeks and Lips
  • 2 Mirrors
  • 6 Makeup Tutorials from Sephora

Two Blockbuster Sets will be won: One for the Holiday Glam Category, and one for the Winter Fantasy Category.

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Set

The two winning looks will also be featured on The Beauty Buzz, where Nathan Johnson will provide a critique of the artist’s work!

Holiday Glam Category

Drawing inspiration from the image above, create a look worthy of a holiday party, winter wedding, or other special event.

You’re free to use any product you’d like! You’re only limited by your imagination!

Tips for entering this category

  • Send clear, crisp images. Avoid sending heavily edited images or photos where a filter is applied. We need to see your makeup skills, not your photo editing skills!
  • Be creative. Experiment with blending, glitter, bold colors, etc.
  • Don’t copy or recreate a look you’ve seen somewhere else. Be original!

Submit your Entry!

Winter Fantasy Category

Using that same image winter wonderland photo, create a fantastical creature using fantasy makeup.

Think about creatures who might live in that image, or use your special fx skills!

Tips for entering this category

  • Again, the most important tip is to send us good, clear photographs. Avoid heavy editing and don’t use photo filters!
  • This category is wide open to be as creative as you’d like!
  • REMEMBER: You must use the winter wonderland photo as inspiration. We need to be able to see the connection between your look and this image.

Submit your Entry!

A Word from the Judge

Inspiration can spring from anywhere. As artists, we usually have the opportunity to select our own. But for this December, make-up contest, we have gone ahead and selected one for you. Here is the challenge…create a stunning look that draws its inspiration from the image.

There are some dangers to this. At first glance, you may wish to be obvious, repaint the image on the lids or over the sweep of the forehead and brow, etc, but I encourage you to dig deeper. Mull the image over and see how the color patterns play in your mind. Then using your skill, bring to life a beautiful look that truly draws itself from the inspiration.

Nathan Johnson Portrait

Just like with our last contest, you can be totally creative with the products that you use. One tip: only use products that are approved for use on the skin. The safety of your model comes first.

When it comes to the finalists, I want to see a perfect blend of creativity and skill. I want to see your creativity come to life. I want to see our inspiration be remolded by your mind and to on a face. To copy will not make you a winner, but to truly reveal a part of yourself through your artistry will.

A note about submitting images taken by a professional photographer. You are welcome to network with a professional if you would like to have your work captured in a more portfolio-ready way. In fact, I encourage you to. This will be a beautiful project, so having it captured with a great camera, proper living and a professional eye will not only improve your chances in the contest, but it will also give you an amazing image to add to your website or portfolio. And, the more you network (in a small town or large city) the more opportunity you will have. I do ask that you use photoshop with care. A gentle sweep here and there is acceptable, but drastic changes will not be considered for finalists.

Have a great time!


Here’s the image, once more:

Winter Wonderland Sparkle

Still have Questions?

We’ve answered the most common ones below! You can also read through the contest rules for more information, or contact us if your questions still aren’t answered!

Can I enter if I’m not a QC Student?

Yes you can! This contest is open to anyone who has a love of makeup, whether you’re already a member of the QC Community or not!

Can I enter both categories or do I have to pick one?

The choice is yours! You can enter one category or both… whatever you prefer!

Can I enter more than one look in each category?

You can, however if you’re selected as a finalist we’ll only pick one of your submissions to feature in the top three.

When will the finalists be announced?

The finalists for all three categories will be announced on QC Makeup Academy’s Facebook Page first thing on the morning of December 20th. You’ll be able to vote by “liking” your favorite image in each category’s album.

When will the winners be announced?

Voting will continue until 8am Eastern Time on December 23rd. First thing that morning, we’ll tally the votes and announce the winners!

What happens if I win?

And we hope you do!

We’ll contact you via email or by phone to arrange delivery of your prize. We’ll need to speak to you first, as we won’t send out any prizes before we can verify your address either by phone or email, so make sure you’re available to chat!

You can read the full contest rules here.