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A Guide to Laurie’s Favorite Hair Styles

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Laurie Vukich is the owner and operator of Nature’s Knockout. An amazingly talented hair stylist, Laurie is also the star of the training videos in QC’s upcoming Hair Styling Essentials Course!

After filming the course, we caught up with Laurie to ask her what some of her favorite hair styles are. Here’s what she had to say…

Which are your favorite hair styles to do on a model?

I love looks that push my skills, and that utilize several elements of design. In my work I do a lot of lifestyle, which is fun especially when I can give it a twist of glamour. But my true love would be creating fantasy and avant guard looks, including retro and updo’s, with lots of wigging, braiding, twisting, extensions, rigging, and a great deal of creative expression.

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What is it about these hair styles that you enjoy doing so much?

I really love the challenge. Having the vision of where we can take things, then figuring ways to make it happen. I can’t lie though, πŸ™‚ There is another payoff that is huge– it’s really fun to see how the models, directors, cinematographers and photographers respond. I do really love that. I think when we do day to day looks, the talent just looks good (or bad, depending on the story line) but it just feels right. So when we get to do things larger than life, it’s obvious hair doesn’t normally do that, and just feels magical!

comic con cosplay utah makeup artist

Which are your favorite hair styles to do on yourself?

I like to play and try new things, so I have a variety of styles I do on my own head.

It’s funny, most people like to do what they don’t normally have, and I’m like that too. My hair has a lot of wave, so my hairstyle of choice is to flat iron it with some volume at the base. When I’m on movies, we work super long days, so usually my hair goes in a bun, or pony, or a side braid. When we shoot outside, I always have a hat on, yes, always. I’m big on sun protection!

When I go out, or do nicer shoots, I straighten it or add some curl. Every now and then I throw in some extensions to bulk it up and lengthen it and just have fun playing with more fun looks.

Are there any styles that you particularly enjoy doing, but that aren’t actually your favorite visually?

Probably my least favorite style of all would be the 1850’s (except with Southern Belles-those are fun AND can be beautiful). The traditional 1850’s style isn’t even that fun to create because it’s so easy, and just doesn’t really flatter anyone.

Next would be the 1880’’s not a pretty look by itself, but once you add a period dress and hat or feather plume, it looks really cool.

And probably the most fun to do unattractive styling would be the Colonial period (where wigs were common amongst the upper echelon.) Those styles were hideous, but are really fun to recreate because they’ve got a lot of room for fun creativity.


Is there one unique hair style from your experience that stands out as your favorite of all?

I’ve done so many heads of hair over the years, but one of my favorites stands out for a couple of reasons. It was a Make A Wish shoot where a 12 year old girl dying of a brain tumor and her wish was to be a model on a professional shoot.

The photographer showed me some concepts that were Colonial styles. I actually had to gather the wardrobe and was so touched by people’s willingness to help. I picked up some beautiful costumes. When I said it was for Make a Wish, the rental shop comped them to us for the shoot, and a local cleaner comped all of the dry cleaning. It was awesome.

I prepped some wigs beforehand, then when I got the girl in my chair, I rigged 2 big white wigs together, added in all kinds of twists, braids, tendrils and some really fun sparkling accessories. It was pretty amazing and she loved it–which was the biggest payoff of all. It was the sweetest thing to be a part of and to see her wish come true.

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