Job-Ready Training For Aspiring Makeup Artists

Our Executive Makeup Artist, Nathan Johnson, explains how the course works.


Student Testimonial

“Hi Nathan! I just wanted to drop you a note sincerely thanking you for all of your words of wisdom during my time at QC! It was an absolute honor to have someone with your knowledge look at and critique the work from a small-town Iowa girl!”

Sarah Thompson
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

Student Testimonial

“I just want to thank you for your awesome teaching skills! Since graduating I have booked so much work! Thank you!”

Michael Shepherd
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

Student Testimonial

“The course material is so professional and up to date, and the books and DVDs are amazing. I feel the student support is great, since someone is always there to help you with anything. I would definitely recommend this course to others! It has been such an amazing learning experience.”

Sheila Rodriguez
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

Student Testimonial

“I found the distance-learning lessons to be convenient. The materials that come with the lessons are good references to have even after graduation.”

Michael Smith, Blushstrokes Makeup
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

Student Testimonial

“I was very happy with the great source of information. The Student Support Specialists are amazing and the assignments were a great way to evolve me into a wonderful artist.”

Joshua Gilchrist, Noir Makeup Artistry
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

Student Testimonial

“QC Makeup Academy has given me the opportunity to learn artistry techniques and history, as well as the business aspect of makeup, all while being a full-time student in college.”

Jess Itano
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

Student Testimonial

“I am officially enrolled as a Master Makeup Artistry student at the QC Makeup Academy! Get ready, because I am going to bring it! I am proud to be associated with the Academy. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer Howell
Master Makeup Artistry student

Student Testimonial

“I cannot explain how much I am learning! Since starting with QC, I’ve already gotten so good that I’ve been hired for a wedding and have a consultation lined up for another bride. Not to mention the engagement pictures that I’m doing! All of this would not be possible without QC. I’m ecstatic!”

Amber Moss
Makeup Artistry graduate

We Set You Up For Success!

Get Started Right Away

Enroll in one of our makeup artist courses at any time. We’ll ship you your course materials free of charge. You’ll receive course guides, a set of course texts, video tutorials, and a business start-up series.

Complete Assignments

Complete loads of fun and practical assignments. Then, upload your work to our Online Student Center where your tutor will have immediate access to your work.

Receive Your Certificate

After you’ve gone through the entire course you’ll receive your certificate of completion and professional designation.

Free Makeup Starter Kit

bonus makeup kit
  • August 29, 2014

    Special Effects Makeup: Bob Scribner

    Bob Scribner is an accomplished makeup and special effects artist. He has worked on the set of Planet of the Apes, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, CSI, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jericho, and Deadwood (to name a few).

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  • August 26, 2014

    Beyoncé Inspired Makeup Recreation

    Queen B, Bey, Princess of Pop; Beyoncé's name is known and adored all across the globe. In this video, watch as YouTube correspondent Jessica recreates Beyoncé's "glam" makeup look with matte skin and bold lips.

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  • August 25, 2014

    How to Write a Blog

    When you’re launching your business, your website is a crucial element that you don’t want to neglect. Your blog is a big part of enticing customers to your site.

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