Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to learn makeup online?

Absolutely! As a student of QC Makeup Academy, you’ll receive all the tools you need to improve your skills and become a professional makeup artist. Through hands-on assignments within our online makeup courses, you’ll get to practice your skills in real-life scenarios. Read about our online learning system.

Many of our students find the flexibility of an at-home course much easier to fit with their lifestyles than attending a physical campus. Remember—just because you’re learning from home does not mean you’re learning alone. You’ll be paired with a personal tutor who will give you individualized feedback, guidance, and support throughout your course.

Does the course fee cover all the costs of the course?

The course fee covers course books, instructional videos, course guides, reference books, multimedia software, access to your Online Student Center, and advice from your personal tutor. With the Makeup Artistry course or Master Makeup Artistry course, we’ll also send you a bonus professional makeup starter kit that includes most of the makeup items you’ll use to complete your assignments. If you enroll in the Special FX Makeup course you will also receive a starter makeup kit, though you will still need to purchase some items to complete your assignments. These items will cost approximately $75. Frends Beauty have organized kits for QC students that include everything you’ll need.

Is there anything else I’ll need to complete my assignments?

You’ll need a camera to take pictures of the work you have done on your model.

I’m not interested in starting my own business. Do I still have to complete the business exercises?

No. The business units are an optional component of your course. You may choose whether you’d like to complete these assignments, depending on your professional goals.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course duration is different for each student, as there are no deadlines on any of your assignments. However, on average, we see students complete their courses in approximately three months. Please keep in mind that you have a full three years to complete your course.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! With QC’s flexible payment plans, you can choose among the following payment options:

  • Full payment up front
  • Accelerated payments: four equal monthly payments
  • Monthly payments
  • Bi-weekly payments
  • Weekly payments

For more information on fees and payment options for each course, please visit the course pricing page.

Will I be able to receive discounts toward makeup products as a student or graduate?

Yes, QC Makeup Academy students and graduates are eligible to receive discounts from a variety of cosmetic brands.

Is QC Makeup Academy affiliated with any makeup associations?

Yes. Please refer to our Student Resources for more information on associations.

Do I have to pay an annual fee or join an organization?

No. Unlike other programs, you have the right to use your professional designation, free of charge, for life.

What if I decide the course is not right for me?

Once you receive your course materials, you have 21 days to decide if you’d like to continue. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact the school for instructions on how to return the shipment and you’ll receive a full refund—no questions asked.For the Special FX Makeup course, the SFX Starter Makeup Kit can not be refunded.

Do I need a license to work as a makeup artist?

It depends. Many jurisdictions do not require a working makeup artist to be licensed. However, some areas do require a makeup artist license or cosmetology license. QC Makeup Academy does not qualify its students for this type of licensing. It’s your responsibility to make yourself fully aware of the working requirements and government regulations in your area before starting professional work.

If your jurisdiction has no licensing requirements, a certificate such as that offered by QC Makeup Academy is sufficient proof of professional training. Our courses are well known internationally and have helped countless graduates secure careers in the makeup industry.

What kind of salary can I expect to earn as a makeup artist?

A professional makeup artist’s salary can vary depending the level of experience, skill, and location. On average, a makeup artist can expect to earn between $30,000 and $75,000 per year. As a freelance makeup artist your income may be less regular, but you will be able to set your own rate for your services. A makeup artist working at a beauty counter or cosmetics company will typically make a stable hourly wage (often starting at minimum wage), usually with the potential for commission on sales.

Is QC Makeup Academy a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. We have the highest possible consumer satisfaction standing (A+) with the Better Business Bureau.

Is it possible to enroll by check?

Yes. Simply download and print this enrollment form.