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Discover the success stories of our students and graduates, and take a glimpse at the stunning makeup looks crafted by our talented students.

We see great work every day and want to share and inspire other MUAs to perfect their craft. Students with exceptional performance also have the opportunity to become QC Makeup Academy Ambassadors!

QC takes you right back to basics, I think that’s really important. It’s the basic skills that everything comes back to and it’s good to remind yourself of these. The recorded feedback was great, Nathan picked up on everything and you really do learn from what he says.

Charlotte Albert

Makeup Artistry Graduate

What Our Students & Grads Are Saying

We’ve helped 8000+ students and grads start their own successful makeup businesses and land jobs with  high-end brands like MAC, Benefit, and Sephora!

The tutors’ critiques and advice helped so much to push me to become a better makeup artist. They supply you with so much knowledge and break down the business side of it. So, what are you waiting for? Follow your dreams like I did.

Megan Edwards

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

Joining QC Makeup Academy is the best thing I have ever done for myself. My dream is to do makeup for TV & Film. I never thought it would be possible being from a small town & a mom of two working part-time already. QC Makeup Academy makes this possible!

Annette Silvestre

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

I loved that I could do everything on my own time and I loved how even though I was doing the work from home, it still felt like I was connected to the school and in an educational environment! I loved the fact that I could get one-on-one feedback from my amazing tutor, Pat, as well.

Morgan Appleton

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

You will probably surprise yourself—I have totally and completely loved QC Makeup Academy so far and really enjoy the feedback from my tutors. It’s a great course and you learn so much so quickly! Just have fun, enjoy yourself and get creative.

Katie Harris

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

From the instructors, to the Student Support Specialist team, everyone was very professional, kind, and helpful. I feel that QC Makeup Academy definitely prepared me to work in this field. They gave me the knowledge and the sense of professionalism that allows me to continue to grow, even to this day!

Katey Stevens

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

I have highly recommended QC Makeup Academy course to numerous young ladies wanting to learn makeup. The content of your courses was perfect and I loved the feedback via audio recording!

Kerry Sleeman

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

I don’t have enough words to say how wonderful QC Makeup Academy is. Nathan is extraordinary! He’s honest, but never cruel. You always know that everything he tells you is coming from the heart.

Caroline Edwards

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

QC really opened my eyes to the business aspect of being a freelance makeup artist. Also, the brush set provided for signing up is incredible—I still use it daily!!

Cassidy Shikimba

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

The Master Makeup Artistry Course is amazing! It taught me everything I know. I’m glad I started with this course, really. It gave me the knowledge and courage to get where I am today.

Krystle Clarkson

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

I loved the flexibility, the courses, the materials, the school’s reputation – and most of all, the tutors! I wanted expert training and saw that this was the place where I would receive that! This course changed my life!

Vanessa Hernandez Munoz

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

QC Makeup Academy was really great for being self-paced, and it has a great community via the private, student-only Virtual Classroom on Facebook. People are very helpful on there.

Samantha Herom

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

My tutor, Nathan Johnson, was awesome! I felt like he definitely challenged me. I started taking my time more, especially towards the end of the last modules as I wanted them to be perfect. That’s a good thing about QC – you can take your time!

Katie Berry

QC Makeup Academy Graduate

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