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Fantasy makeup

I wanted something bright and fun for this assignment.

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Jessica Hester

Master Makeup Artistry

I am going to start with a wonderful and true quote:
Beauty is power, and makeup is something that enhances that;
Its a women's secret
I am a bubbly girl who loves to smile and why not enhance that smile with bright popping lips. I am the type of girl who would rather have a pop of color that makes me stick out then go natural and blend in.
I am going to bring some fun to putting on makeup and crack jokes while I do makeup. Doing makeup to me should be fun and a great experience. I will make you shine and I bring the moral up in the room.
I am a very well organized person and like to have my makeup in order, so that I am never scrambling to find what I am looking for. I believe that clean hands are caring hands and that goes along clean brushes. I want everyone to feel safe and know that they are getting the best care while getting their makeup done by me.

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