QC tutor, Nathan Johnson, talks about the new QC Makeup Academy brushes

To a makeup artist, brushes are an extension of the hand. They are the instruments through which all of the creativity in the mind can come to life on the face. In the most basic terms, they are the tools of our trade. And, it is very important that each artist has great ones and they put in the time to master them.

QC Makeup Academy has gone above and beyond by launching a top of the line brush set. Each of the 16 pieces was carefully chosen to make complexion perfection even easier and as an added bonus, they are eco-friendly and vegan! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, this set is exclusive to the students who have enrolled in the program.

Before I get into specific details about of the brushes, I want to cover what they all have in common. Each brush head is crafted from the highest quality synthetic fibers. They are cut to perfection to ensure ideal application and the ultra-fine fibers give a smooth as butter application. Now, not all synthetic fibers are created equal; it is the fineness of the individual bristles in this new set that makes them stand above their competition. Many will say that synthetic fibers do not give the same flawless application as their animal hair counterparts, but that is not necessarily the truth. When the fibers are fine and soft, like those in the QC Makeup Academy set, makeup will cling to the bristles allowing a superior lay of color. Additionally, synthetic brushes offer some added bonuses that their hair counterparts do not. They are not loaded with bacterial, dead cells, or chemicals. They are also not porous, so they do not take on some of every client and every product they touch. Each time you clean them, they are as good as new.

Now I want to focus on some of the all-star brushes in this kit. My absolute favorite is 3, the dome tip foundation brush. The shape makes application around the curves of the face effortless. The thick head allows for the product to be blended to the point of an airbrushed finish. When teamed with brushes 2-6, the complexion will be magazine cover ready. Brush 2 can set powder or apply a graceful kiss of blush. Brush 5 is bronzer’s best friend and contour can be made very easy with 4 or 6!

Brushes 7 and 8 will solve the mystery of perfect concealer application. Like a soft buffer, they will turn your concealer into a magic eraser that hides all the under-eye darkness. They are two of the many silent heroes’ of this brush set!

Now, brushes 9-15 have many purposes and the most important one is the eyes. These brushes can be used in countless ways to create looks that range from soft to dramatic. The angle brush 13 is off the hook! It is so firm and so fine that a light touch will draw a razor sharp line, while a bit more pressure will make it fuller and richer. Brushes 12 and 14 are the king and queen of lid color application. But Number 9 and 10 make the crease and the blending work a breeze. If you aren’t excited yet, you should be.

I may have saved the best for last. You may think the sole purpose of brush 1 is to dazzle the client with its luxury, and that may be true, but it also has some amazing secrets. If you get some fall away on the cheeks, a light sweep of this baby will lift most of it away in a single swipe. If you want the cheeks to glow like an angel kissed them, hit the bones with touch of highlighter on this brush. And that is only the beginning of what it can do.

To say I am a fan of these brushes would be an understatement. Their unique shapes give them more purposes than most of the very specific retail brushes have. My advice to you is to experiment. Discover how incredible they are and just how many amazing uses they have. But while you experiment, take comfort knowing that they are cruelty free and can be used on any and every client, regardless of their sensitivity!

QC has redefined brushes; offering their students tools of the trade that they can be proud of.