QC expert, Brittany, talks about the new QC Makeup Academy brushes

I have recently had the pleasure of working with the new QC Academy Makeup Brush Set. I have been using some on myself and my clients and I have to say, I am beyond impressed with their quality and variety. Here is a peek at the beautiful new brushes….

Their materials consist of synthetic brush hair, glue, and birch wood. For those that don’t know the main difference between natural and synthetic brush hair, let me explain. Natural hair is more porous therefore holds onto more product. A synthetic brush is not porous and therefore no product seeps into the follicles. This means less product is wasted!

Many makeup artists have different opinions on which is better, and both brush types do have their benefits. Personally, I prefer a well made synthetic brush. The reason for this is, with technology being what it is, synthetic brushes can give you all the benefits of a natural brush without the downsides.

Because natural brushes are considerably more porous, they hold onto product and store bacteria if not vigorously cleaned, which in turn diminishes the life of the brushes. I find synthetic brushes are much easier to clean and care for and tend to have a longer life span (although if you take good care of your brushes there’s nothing saying they can’t last you a lifetime!).

Another great thing about synthetic brushes is their ability to work with multiple textures and products. Where natural brushes are suggested to only work with powder, synthetic brushes work well with creams, liquids, glitters, powders, gels, and even face paints. More and more, people are becoming accustomed to using a fluffy synthetic brush to apply a liquid or cream—in the past we would never think to do that. Hence the popularity of kabuki style brushes.

Lastly, synthetic brushes tend to cost less, shed less, dry faster, and bounce back to their shape better than natural brushes. So the fact that QC’s entire new set is made from a high quality synthetic fiber is very pleasing to me.

As I mentioned above, the popularity of kabuki style brushes is on the rise. What better way to be a part of the trend then investing in this set? There are over 5 different kabuki style brushes included. Take a look!

You’ve got a flat top option as shown above, rounded, precision, angled and fluffy all in this kabuki style brush. These are great for applying foundation, buffing it into the skin, and creating a perfectly blended application. These brushes are also fabulous for contouring, highlighting, and concealing. I found these brushes to be so multifunctional!

There are also a few smaller buffing brushes, similar in style to the larger ones, which I couldn’t love more. These brushes are great for applying concealer in hard-to-reach areas, buffing and blending out shadows, and applying fine detail contouring on the nose or cupids bow.

I found that all the brushes pick up and distribute product as well as any of the top name brush brands. I actually found them to be quite similar to a few Sigma brushes that I own. Sigma brushes are known world-wide amongst makeup artists and are hard to measure up to. The QC brush set offers the same benefits as this name brand brush line in!

Not only do the brushes offer amazing payoff but they’re also beautiful, which I find is a huge selling point for brushes. To say that looks don’t matter when it comes to brushes is so untrue. For years women and men have taken pride in the beautiful products in their makeup bags/kits—it’s all part of the allure of this industry! So to deny its existence is just plain silly. Here is a closer look at the beautiful brushes and the clean professional brush roll they come in….

To sum it up, these brushes are awesome. They are perfect for a professional, but any non professional makeup junkie would fall in love as well. The versatility of this brush set is fabulous, the quality is that of other high-end brands and, must I say it again? They are simply stunning.