Special FX Makeup Course Outline Unit D

Some artists say that prosthetics applications are the most fun thing to do as a special effects makeup artist. In this unit you’ll learn about all the types of prosthetics, when to use each type and, of course, how to apply and color them so they look just like the real deal. Next you’ll learn about the anatomy of the circulatory system and how to pull off the most convincing live blood effects!

Prosthetics and Blood Special Effects Makeup Course Book

Prosthetics and Blood Effects

  • Each type of prosthetics
  • The anatomy of severe wounds
  • Blood flow
  • The opacity and color of blood
Special Topics Industry Connections in Makeup Artistry Course Book

Special Topics

  • Volunteering, job shadowing and internships
  • Working with an agency
  • The pros and cons of joining a union
  • Professional development opportunities

Foam Gelatin Prosthetics

In this video, you’ll learn

  • When to use foam gelatin prosthetics
  • How to safely glue these prosthetics to the skin
  • How to color foam gelatin
  • Proper removal techniques

Pros-Aide® Transfers

In these videos, you’ll learn

  • When to use Pros-Aide transfers
  • How to apply the transfer
  • How to color Pros-Aide transfers
  • Proper removal techniques

Combining Techniques

In this video, you’ll learn

  • Where to place entry and exit wounds
  • How to adhere blood tubing to a prosthetic
  • How to prepare the syringe and tubing
  • How to execute a realistic blood effect for the camera