Special FX Makeup Course Outline Unit C

This is a very gruesome unit as it’s now time to learn about wounds and injuries. You’ll explore the anatomy of all types of injuries from cuts, to burns, to frostbite and more. In your assignments you’ll have the chance to recreate all of these ghastly, yet very realistic looking, injuries. Read on to learn about each course book and watch snippets from the course tutorials.

Understanding Wounds Special Effects Makeup Course book

Understanding Wounds

  • The three factors of realistic wound creation
  • The color shades of decomposition
  • Scrapes, scratches, and scars
  • Gunshot wounds and burns
  • Additional gore effects
Working with makeup clients course book

Working with Clients

  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Overcome client objections
  • Book clients
  • Prepare invoices and contracts
  • Network and negotiate

Creating a Bruise

In this video, you’ll learn

  • The different stages of a bruise
  • How to create both new and old bruises
  • How to research bruises

Scrapes, Scratches, and Scars

In these videos, you’ll learn

  • How to create scratches
  • How to create scrapes
  • How to create indented and raised scars


In this video, you’ll learn

  • How the skin decomposes
  • How to create convincing frostbite effects


In this video, you’ll learn

  • About the three different types of burns
  • How to create each burn type
  • How to create different levels of severity in a burn