Special FX Makeup Course Outline Unit A

This unit starts out with one of the most important topics of special effects makeup artistry- safe and sanitary practices. Next you’ll learn different character makeup techniques including old age makeup, applying bald caps, and hair application. Below you’ll find outlines of each course book and video sneak peeks.

Safe and Sanitary Makeup Application Course Book

Safe and Sanitary Makeup Application

  • How to set up your workspace
  • Proper sanitary practices
  • General safety
  • Common skin disorders
  • Contraindications
Bald Caps and Aging Special Effects Makeup Course Book

Bald Caps
and Aging

  • How to highlight and shadow
  • Paint and powder aging technique
  • How prosthetics can be used for aging
  • How to apply a bald cap
Starting your own makeup business course book

Starting Your Own Business

  • The types of businesses you can register
  • What you’ll need to do before you start your makeup business
  • What you should have in your business kit

Setting Up Your Kit

In this video, you’ll learn

  • How to build your makeup kit
  • When to use different products
  • Which items you’ll use most

Client Etiquette and Professionalism

In this video, you’ll learn

  • How to make your clients feel comfortable
  • Proper client conversation
  • How to sanitize your makeup

Old Age Makeup

In this video, you’ll learn

  • Which parts of the face to highlight and shadow
  • How to emphasize fine lines realistically
  • How to create broken capillaries and age spots
  • Flecking techniques