Pro Makeup Workshop

In this online workshop, you’ll learn advanced techniques from celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson. Through instructional videos and lesson texts, Nathan shares his tips and tricks and industry secrets for creating the looks he uses on his star clients.

Unit A: Makeup For the Limelight

Makeup for the limelite Course Book

You’ll learn

  • Which products to use for onscreen appearances
  • How to apply makeup that looks great on camera

Unit A: Well-Defined Brow with Intricate Liner

You’ll learn

  • How to enhance or build perfect brows
  • How to work with any face shape or brow condition
  • Advanced liner techniques
Well-Defined Brow with Intricate Liner Makeup Course Book

Unit B: The Extended Smokey Eye

You’ll learn

  • How to take the classic smokey eye to the next level
  • How to open the eye with a smokey effect
  • A reverse smokey eye look
The Extended Smokey Eye Makeup Course Book

Unit B: Pin-Up

Learning makeup classic pin-up look course book

You’ll learn

  • The key features of a pin-up makeup look
  • How to create a classic pin-up look

Unit C: Advanced Bridal Techniques

You’ll learn

  • How to create a flawless complexion with makeup
  • How to achieve a timeless eye makeup look
  • How to use color effectively
Advanced Bridal Makeup Courses Book

Unit C: Glitter

Glitter Makeup Course Book

You’ll learn

  • How to create a shimmering glitter look
  • How to work glitter into other applications