Global Beauty Workshop

In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll learn about the special skills and techniques needed to apply your makeup knowledge on a global scale. Makeup is regional – what’s “normal” for one community/culture/religion can be very different from another. In today’s global community, you’re likely to encounter makeup requests for every skin tone, every culture, every religion, no matter where you set up your business. The Global Beauty Workshop is here to help you serve every client that will walk through your doors!

Unit A: Working with Deep Skin Tones

Meet Merrell Hollis and learn all about the special considerations when working with deep skin tones. Find out specific corrective makeup techniques, as well as every day and evening makeup looks for deep skin tones.

Unit A: East Asian Makeup

Meet Flora Kay and start learning about specific makeup techniques and looks for East Asian Women, including corrective makeup, every day and evening looks.

Unit B: Working with Golden Skin Tones

Learn about special considerations and specific makeup techniques when working with golden skin tones, including bridal and media makeup!

Unit B: East Asian Bridal Makeup

Learn the specific techniques and styles you’ll be expected to master for East Asian Bridal clients. Then learn how to adapt these techniques to match your client’s personality.

Unit C: South Asian Makeup

Meet Karuna Chani and learn all about working on medium skin tones, and the specific styles & techniques of South Asian makeup, including Indian Bridal Makeup!

Unit C: Bollywood Glamour

Learn all about Bollywood makeup trends and how to adapt your makeup techniques to the Bollywood crowd. Then create a Bollywood glamour look of your own!

Unit C: Middle Eastern Beauty

Learn Middle Eastern beauty techniques and looks that will appeal to middle eastern clients.

Unit D: Working with Henna

Throughout Unit D, you’ll work with Leena Dedhia and will learn all about working with Henna. You’ll learn about basic henna designs, how to use the tools of the trade, and how to apply henna on different parts of the body including hands and feet.