Fashion Styling Course Overview Unit 4

Unit 4 introduces you to styling for men. We also walk you through the principles of layering, jewelry selection, and accessorizing with belts, handbags, shoes and sunglasses.

Styling for Men

Styling for Men Course Book

In this book, you’ll learn

  • How to style male clients based on their body types
  • About the five major obstacles you’ll encounter when working with male clients and how to overcome them

Balance Is a Stylist’s Best Friend

In this video, you’ll learn

  • How to create a balanced silhouette on a variety of body shapes


Layering Garments Beauty Courses Book

In this book, you’ll learn

  • How to layer garments to create interest and intrigue in an outfit
  • How to create transition-friendly outfits to provide clients with versatility
  • The most common mistakes in layering

Accessorizing with Jewelry

Accessorizing with Jewelry Beauty courses book

In this book, you’ll learn

  • To maximize a client’s wardrobe by accessorizing with jewelry
  • To identify the most common styles of jewelry

Belts, Handbags & Shoes

Belts, Handbags and Shoes Style Beauty Courses Book

In this book, you’ll learn

  • How to use belts, handbags and shoes to finish off any outfit
  • How to identify the most popular styles of handbags, belts, and shoes
  • How to identify different face shapes, and how to determine the appropriate eyewear for each