QC Tutor, Azzi Williams, Talks About the New QC Makeup Academy Brushes

I am always on the hunt for the softest brushes to use on my clients and I pride myself in having the some of the most premium brushes on the market in my kit. I was particularly excited to begin using the super soft range of brushes launched by QC Makeup Academy.

No Animals Harmed

Natural hair brushes are fast losing their popularity, mainly because there is controversy as to where the hair is sourced. On top of this, natural hair tends to retain bacteria more readily than synthetic. But, with synthetic technology becoming so advanced, the range of brushes now on offer such as those by QC Makeup Academy are as good, or even better, than natural hair—and no animals are harmed.

Super Soft and Lightweight

Last year I purchased the Dior Backstage brushes, I suppose I was seduced by the fancy packaging more than anything else! But to my dismay, after paying a small fortune for them, I discovered they were made from squirrel hair. Now when comparing the Dior flat buffer brush to the QC version (see below), you can see such a difference in the texture of the bristles. The Dior brush bristles have already splayed, despite my almost obsessive care in washing, drying and storing the brush. However, the QC flat buffer brush has kept its shape wash after wash. I don’t use the Dior brush at all anymore, mainly because I grew tired of apologizing to my clients that it was so coarse!

Dense and Luxurious

The more dense your brush, the more effective it is at dispensing product, blending, and setting your look. The QC Makeup Academy brushes are so incredibly dense that they give a stunning, airbrush finish that looks gorgeous in photography, on brides, and in high definition video and film.

On the right is the ELF version of a flat buffer brush. I love ELF for their budget friendly, vegan products, and their brushes are great value for money. However when it comes to density, you can see the QC Makeup Academy version on the left has far more even bristles and is almost twice as dense. This is particularly important when stippling foundation or buffing on mineral powder.

Your Clients Will Love You

If you like the softness and density of Sigma or Crown Infinity brushes, you will love the QC Makeup Academy set. And your clients will love you too! I took my set on the road for a day and every client I worked on said they loved the feel of these brushes. For brides and celebrity and media personalities who want a pampered experience, the feel of these brushes on the skin is particularly relaxing. They will always remember not just the end result, but the gentle and enjoyable application process.