Nathan’s Guide to a Better Grade

Are you ready to become a certified makeup artist?

Find out how you can impress your personal tutor with professional skills and makeup techniques!

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In QC’s free e-book, celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson details how you can get your best grade during your online makeup training. Learn how you can acquire professional skills and show off your raw talent to become a better makeup artist!


Learn Makeup At Home

Learn professional makeup techniques in the comfort of your own home!

You get personalized training and feedback on each assignment, so you’ll experience 1-on-1 training with QC’s affordable makeup courses. Plus, you have the luxury of building your makeup skills at your own pace!

Nathan outlines 7 exclusive steps to getting the most out of your makeup classes online:

  • How to use QC’s video tutorials to build your professional makeup techniques
  • How much you’ll need to practice your hands-on makeup artist skills
  • How to fully understand your makeup theory texts

How It Works

Tips For Your Makeup Certification

You’ll also find tips for creating makeup looks for your assignments, and how to achieve a flawless submission. Plus, Nathan gives you his best pointers for taking high-quality photos of your makeup applications.

You’ll learn professional techniques for:

  • Finding models
  • Positioning your models for shoots
  • Taking clear photographs of your work
  • Working with lighting

Get your makeup training on track and start a professional makeup artist business, become a freelance makeup artist, or work for leading cosmetic brands!

Advice from Celebrity Makeup Artist Nathan Johnson

Start Your Makeup Career Right

Follow Nathan’s guide and learn his top tips from the industry!

Guide to succeed at online makeup school

Download QC’s free e-book to learn Nathan’s industry secrets and tricks. Find all the tips you need to get the most out of QC’s online makeup classes.