Meet Laurie Vukich

Laurie is QC’s hair styling Course Instructor and appears in all video tutorials, guiding students step by step through each styling technique. She is also a highly-respected tutor. As an accomplished hair stylist, she wants nothing more than to help students reach their potential and achieve the same success she did. When you enroll, you are welcome to request Laurie as your tutor and we’ll do our best to accommodate. You’ll love learning from Laurie and you’re sure to find her teaching style informative and inspirational.

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Professional Makeup Artist Laurie Vukich

Laurie Vukich is celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist who has spent the last 25 years working on over 100 feature films & TV shows. She has also worked with many more commercials, print shoots, and with a long list of celebrity clients include Forest Whitaker, Sam Rockwell, America Ferrera, Tony Danza, Sean Astin, David Archuleta, Jemaine Clement, Kathie Lee Gifford, Rosie O’Donnell, Jennifer Cooledge, Sean Faris, Paul Rudd, Toby Keith, Walter Cronkite, Katie Holmes, Timothy Hutton, Mickey Rourke, Stevie Wonder, and more. Her work has taken her throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, and to several countries in Africa. For her, every day is a new adventure and every breath brings new possibilities.

From retro to contemporary styling, Laurie loves it all. She is also passionate about inspiring others to embrace their dreams and is excited to join QC Makeup Academy to share her knowledge, expertise, and skills. She is a firm believer that great things are about to happen in the world of styling and is eager to play a part in helping that come true!

Visit Laurie’s website to see her outstanding portfolio.

Laure Vukich's  Career as a makeup artist
Laure Vukich's  Career as a makeup artist
Laure Vukich's  Career as a makeup artist

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When you enroll with QC Makeup Academy you’ll be paired with a personal tutor- either Laurie or one of our other talented tutors. Each QC tutor is an industry professional with years of experience. Your tutor will give you personalized audio feedback for each one of your assignments. Click below to learn more about QC Makeup Academy Tutors.

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