How Your Assignments Work

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Your Assignments

Here at QC Makeup Academy we understand the need for a hands-on learning experience, so we designed all of the assignments keeping you—the student—in mind. In order to give you a well-rounded education the course contains a mix of theoretical and practical makeup artist training assignments. We make sure to equip you with all the knowledge and experience necessary to enter the world of makeup on a confident and competent footing.

Throughout your QC Makeup Academy course you’ll encounter the following types of assignments:

QC Makeup Academy: Learning Makeup with Practical Application Icon

Practical makeup application: Our courses are heavy on video tutorial to make your learning experience as comprehensive as possible. Many of your assignments will have you first watch a video makeup tutorial and then ask you to recreate the look shown on a model of your own.

QC Makeup Academy Professional Makeup Case Study book

Case studies: We’ll present different case study scenarios where you’ll have to choose which products to use based on the unique needs of your client.

QC Makeup Academy Model Feedback on Makeup Application

Model feedback: You’ll send your models a feedback form so they can evaluate your makeup application and professionalism.

QC Makeup Academy: Learning Makeup with quizzes

Quizzes: Multiple choice and true/false quizzes test your knowledge for a specific section or unit.

QC Makeup Academy: Learning Makeup with Virtual Makeup Boutique

Virtual Makeup Boutique: You’ll be using a software original to QC that allows you to digitally apply makeup to a variety of models.

QC Makeup Academy Business Assignments Icon

Business assignments: Throughout your course you’ll have the opportunity to complete optional business components. Through these business lessons you’ll learn how to complete client cards, how to choose a business name, how to create a business plan, how to market your business effectively, how to create promotional material, and much more.

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