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QC Makeup Academy equips you with the skills you’ll need to start your career as a professional makeup artist.

How to learn makeup with an online makeup artistry school

Build confidence in your hands-on skills with QC’s professional makeup classes!

QC provides you with hands-on assignments designed to give you a complete learning experience. Your course provides a mix of course texts and practical makeup training.

Makeup Artistry Skills

Your assignments build a range of makeup artistry skills and knowledge:

QC Makeup Academy: Learning Makeup with Practical Application Icon
Practical Makeup Application: QC’s courses provide detailed video content for comprehensive makeup training.

Your assignments involve watching makeup tutorials and practicing the techniques you learn. Use friends and family members as your models.

QC Makeup Academy Professional Makeup Case Study book
Case Studies: Here’s where you get to think like a makeup artist. We’ll present you with different scenarios and you’ll have to determine the most appropriate makeup application for your virtual client.

QC Makeup Academy Model Feedback on Makeup Application
Model Feedback: You’ll provide your models with a feedback form they’ll use to evaluate your makeup application, including your professionalism.

QC Makeup Academy: Learning Makeup with quizzes
Quizzes: Test your makeup knowledge with quizzes! You’ll learn more in your online courses with a variety of quizzes, including true/false and multiple choice.

QC Makeup Academy: Learning Makeup with Virtual Makeup Boutique
Virtual Makeup Boutique: Use QC’s custom simulation tool to create digital makeup looks on virtual models. This allows you to practice your color selection on models of all skin tones.

QC Makeup Academy Business Assignments Icon
Business Assignments: If you wish, you can learn how to start your own business as a makeup artist. This optional unit shows you how to choose a business name, create a business plan, set up your own makeup business, and promote your services.

Your Makeup Assignments

Makeup Assignment Review & Grading

Once you have submitted all assignments from a unit of your online makeup course, your tutor will review your work.

  • Your tutor will take the time to grade each assignment, and you’ll receive a letter grade for the unit.

  • You’ll be provided with audio feedback from your tutor where you’ll hear about what you did well, and the areas where you need to improve. Keep this feedback in mind as you continue to the next unit of your course!
Applying makeup professionally with makeup course techniques

For a great example on how a tutor’s audio feedback helped a QC student improve her work, check out this post on the Beauty Buzz!

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QC Makeup Students

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I was so curious about how everything worked at QC Makeup Academy and after finishing my first unit, I received an audio recording from Nathan Johnson where he gave me feedback on the entire unit I completed. I thought it was so awesome. Nathan Johnson is someone to truly admire. Do not forget to request him for your classes!

I wish I would have discovered QC Makeup Academy sooner. My questions are always answered and I have so much time to get other things done because all of my classes are online.
QC Makeup Academy review for the Master Makeup Artistry course

– Brianna Ballardo
Master Makeup Artistry Student
five stars

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