QC Makeup Academy - 2019 Annual Halloween Makeup Contest Header Photo - Special FX Makeup and Fantasy Makeup
QC Makeup Academy - 2019 Annual Halloween Makeup Contest Header Photo - Special FX Makeup and Fantasy Makeup -Mobile

Congratulations to our finalists!

Thank you to everyone who entered QC Makeup Academy’s annual Halloween Makeup Contest!

Trick Finalists











"Trick" Category Semi-Finalists

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"Treat" Category Semi-Finalists

How It Works

There are two categories for this contest! If you’re feeling inspired, feel free to enter both!

  • Complete your makeup look and submit a before and after photo through the submission form. Be sure to indicate which category you’re submitting to.*
  • On October 21st, the semi-finalists will be announced on QC Makeup Academy’s Facebook page, and the voting period begins!
  • Votes will be counted by the number of likes each look gets! Though votes will play a part in deciding finalists, the judges will make the final decision as to who will proceed to the next round.
  • Voting will end at 12pm ET on Friday, October 25th.
  • Finalists for each category will be announced on our Facebook page on the afternoon of October 25th. Finalists are chosen based on Facebook votes and the judge’s choice.
  • The grand prize winner for each category will be announced on October 28th!

Please read the rules above carefully before entering the contest. You must include a before photo (model with no makeup) in order to qualify for the semi-finals. You will automatically be disqualified if your photo has been edited (e.g. use of a filter on your photo, smoothing or blurring of the skin, etc.), or if your makeup look is deemed plagiarized. Poor photo quality will also be penalized during the semi-finalist selection.

*Note: QC Makeup Academy retains the right to move your contest submission to another category, if necessary.

TRICK Category

Halloween is the best time to surrender to your dark side. Monsters and ghouls will always bring scares, but it’s the realism and creativity in your work that can truly instill fear, and even horror! This is your chance to show off your makeup chops and bring some festive monsters (or victims) to life.

QC’s Executive Makeup Artist and tutor, Nathan Johnson, will be the judge of this category.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

Effort    /5

Higher points will be awarded to those who combine diverse skills with incredible imagination to create a detailed and captivating horror look. Makeup technique is fundamental, but the more visually stunning the final image is— through the tasteful use of hair, costume styling, props, and accessories — the more points will be awarded.

Skill/Technique    /5

Students who demonstrate the use of polished makeup skills, detailed application, symmetry (when it is supposed to be symmetrical), and a diverse use of techniques, will be awarded higher points. There are no rules in horror, so don’t be afraid to change, refine, and create new techniques.

Photo Quality/ Composition    /5

A good quality image is essential. The photograph should be clean, crisp, and appropriately lit. Higher points will be awarded to images that look like they could be in a horror magazine or media feed. Points will be deducted for images that are blurry, messy, or have cluttered or thoughtless backgrounds (e.g. messy bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.). This doesn’t mean that you need an expensive setup, it just means you need to clean the oils off your camera lens or to borrow a better phone or camera. Incredibly gentle retouching is acceptable, although your makeup should be doing the perfecting on its own. Blurred skin, visible or over-retouching, and filters will result in a loss of points or disqualification.

Fun/Originality    /5

Create a makeup look that is original and from the deepest recesses of your imagination. I expect to see wonder, terror, beauty, and horror! Have fun every step of the way! If you copy or tweak an influencer’s existing work, you will be disqualified. You are an artist — don’t copy. And, I can promise you, everyone in the industry has seen enough of the well-shadowed skeleton teeth, the typical sugar skull, the ventriloquist’s dummy, and all the other over-done and constantly copied tutorials. Originality is difficult, especially in a social media driven world, so accept the challenge to create.

Story    /5

A few sentences about your creation, and the story behind him/her/it, can do a lot to sell your image. Don’t fall into the trap of telling what you did with the makeup. Instead tell the story of who or what this person or creature is. The stronger your story and concept, the more precise and clear your application will be, and the more points you’ll be awarded. In the past, amazing makeup artists have lost the contest because they refuse to tell a story. Don’t let that be you.

Final note

This contest is based on merit, skill, technique, talent, and effort. It is not a popularity contest soley based on votes and the number of media followers you have. I do encourage you to share your work and get the support of your friends, but popularity will not win the contest— and it shouldn’t. Skill, creativity, and effort should always determine the win, and as professionals, we should remind our followers and fans of this. Put everything you have into creating an incredible look— and even if you don’t get a single social media like, your talent, concept, and skill could still win you the contest.


The winner of the “Trick” category will receive a Ben Nye “Primary Creme Palette”, a Skin Illustrator “Hurt Box Wound Palette”, a bottle of Skindinavia “Makeup Finishing Spray”, a set of 5 latex prosthetics, an injury wheel and an RMG bald cap wheel, and two bottles of special effects blood. (Combined estimated retail value of $110).

QC Makeup Academy - Annual Halloween Makeup Contest Prize - Special FX Makeup Prize
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
Ben Nye Primary Creme Palette
An Injury Wheel and an RMG Bald Cap Wheel
A Set of 5 Latex Prosthetics
Skin Illustrator’s Hurt Box Wound Palette
Two bottles of gel and liquid blood.

TREAT Category

From aliens to space monsters, Star Wars to Marvel characters, prepare to transport us into an inter-galactic realm with the world of sci-fi and fantasy. You’re only limited by your imagination, so go ahead and reach for the stars!

Professional Makeup Artist and QC tutor, Azzi Williams, will be the judge of this category.

Here’s what she’s looking for:

Orginality & Effort    /5

A unique, creative makeup that is detailed and works seamlessly with the hair, costume styling, and accessories, creating an overall striking and dramatic look. We will disqualify plagiarism.

Skill/Technique    /5

Clean and sophisticated makeup techniques, attention to detail and high-pigmented products that capture your sci-fi or fantasy character.

Photo Quality    /5

Nice clean, crisp image that is of great quality – something you would see in a makeup artist’s portfolio. Nothing blurred, out of focus or with poorly thought-out backgrounds (certainly no bedroom clutter in the background). And less is more with skin retouching and photoshop – and yes, I will be able to tell!

Story    /5

Tell the story behind your creative, your way. What is your design concept and why? Where did you source inspiration? You don’t need to write an essay, but a few paragraphs will help give some context to your look.

Final note

Take time to really study your sci-fi or fantasy character. What makeup did you use to create their iconic look? Think of the details in color, texture, pigment, and application. Look at the overall mood of your image – have you conveyed the character’s true power and impact?

All the best with your exciting creative makeup journey ahead and have loads of fun creating your look!

Finally, GOOD LUCK 🙂


The winner of the “Treat” category will receive an Anastasia Beverly Hill “Pro Lip Palette”, a LORAC “Neon Lights, Pro Pressed Pigments Palette”, an RCMA Makeup “No Color Powder”, and a pair of Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection’s “Rainbow Sherbet Lash”. (Combined estimated retail value of $110).

QC Makeup Academy - Annual Halloween Makeup Contest Prize -Fantasy Makeup Prize
Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Pro Lip Palette
Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Rainbow Sherbet Lash
RCMA Makeup’s No Color Powder
LORAC’s Neon Lights PRO Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow Palette

Prize for QC Students & Grads

QC Makeup Academy - Annual Halloween Makeup Contest Prize -Student Makeup Prize
HUDA BEAUTY’s Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette
Two Pairs of Stilazzi’s Fantasy Lashes

Though this contest is open to all, we’ve decided to have a special prize that is reserved exclusively for QC students and grads!

If you are a student or grad, be sure to include your student number when you submit your entry! At the end of the contest period, we’ll draw a winner at random! The lucky winner will receive a Huda Beauty “Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette” in the color Amethyst, and two pairs of Stilazzi’s fantasy lashes. (Combined estimated retail value of $40)!

This fall is the perfect time to start your career as a professional MUA!


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most common ones below! You can also read through the contest rules for more information, or contact us if your questions still aren’t answered!

Can I enter if I’m not a QC student?

Yes, you can! This contest is open to anyone who has a love of makeup, whether you’re already a member of the QC Community or not!

Can I enter both categories?

Yes! You can enter both categories, and your submissions will be treated separately from one another.

Can I enter more than one look per category?

Yes, you can. You can have multiple looks qualify for the semi-finals. However, if you’re selected as a finalist we’ll only pick one of your submissions to feature in the top five.

When will the semi-finalists be announced?

The semi-finalists will be announced on QC Makeup Academy’s Facebook Page on October 21st. You’ll be able to vote for the finalists by “liking” your favorite image in each category.

Can I edit the background of my image to suit my makeup look?

Yes, you may edit the background of your image. However, make sure that your model’s face/ area of makeup is not edited at all. Include the original image with your submission so that the judges know your editing was only limited to the background.

When will the winners be announced?

Voting will continue until 12 PM ET on October 25th. The five finalists (per category) will be chosen based on a mix of the judges’ choice and Facebook votes. On October 28th, we’ll announce the winners!

What happens if I win?

And we hope you do! We’ll contact you via email or by phone to arrange delivery of your prize. We’ll need to speak to you first, as we won’t send out any prizes before we can verify your address either by phone or email, so make sure you’re available to chat!

You can read the full contest rules here.

Looking to launch your makeup career?


Please read the guidelines above carefully before entering the contest.

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