Hair Styling Course Snapshot

The Hair Styling Essentials course starts with the very basics and progresses step-by-step onto more advanced techniques. You don’t need any previous training so you can dive right in. When you enroll you’ll be set up with course guides, instructional videos and practical assignments.You’ll come away from the course with brand new skills and the confidence to style hair like the pro you are!

Watch a Course Preview Video

In the course you’ll watch over 30 video tutorials led by celebrity hair stylist, Laurie Vukich. You’ll be taken through each technique step by step and you can re-watch the videos as often as you need to. Here, Laurie talks about the chemistry of hair. Watch the video to see Laurie in action!

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Check Out Sample Assignments

Unit E

Client Etiquette

Test your knowledge of proper client etiquette and sanitation practices by completing multiple choice assignments on these topics.

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Bridal Updos

Bridal Updos

Learn how to braid and curl the hair in multiple ways and then use your new skills to create both classic and modern bridal updos.

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Unit D

Period Looks

Look at hair styles throughout history and recreate popular period looks like pin curls from the 1920s and the Marilyn Monroe look from the 1950s.

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Audio Feedback from Your Tutor

Professional Makeup Artist Azzi Williams

Learn more about QC Tutor, Azzi Williams, here.

Every unit you submit is graded by one of our accomplished tutors. Along with a letter grade for each assignment, you will also receive detailed feedback in an audio file. Your tutor will talk you through what you did well and where you can improve. Below, hair stylist and QC Tutor Azzi Williams, reviews all of the assignments in Unit A for one of our students. Get an understanding of how you’ll be evaluated by listening to the audio file.

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Hair Styling Essentials Course

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