About the School

You're on your way to becoming a successful makeup artist - now just choose which makeup skills you want to learn first!
Step inside QC's Pro Makeup Workshop as celebrity makeup artist, Nathan Johnson, shows you how to expertly apply glitter!
Want an inside look at QC's Hair Styling Essentials course? Follow along with this waterfall braid tutorial, taken right from the braiding unit of the course!
Interested to see the work of a QC Makeup Academy Student? Check out these outstanding samples of these artists' work and see what celebrity makeup artist and QC tutor, Nathan Johnson, has to say about these looks!
Want a closer look at a QC Makeup Academy course? Take a peek inside the Master Makeup Artistry course and follow along with celebrity makeup artist and QC instructor, Nathan Johnson, as he explains and demonstrates the editorial process!
As a QC Makeup Academy tutor and an important part of QC's 3-tier support system, Nathan Johnson inspires aspiring makeup artists every day. But they inspire him as well! Check out some of Nathan's top moments as a QC tutor so far.
We asked Nathan Johnson to once again pick three outstanding examples of student work from the student showcase and critique them for the Beauty Buzz. Find out which ones he picked, and what he had to say!
Join Nathan Johnson as he critiques three of his favorite looks from the online student showcase! Nathan explores three outstanding makeup applications from a fashion shoot to a fantasy look!