Airbrush Makeup Workshop Course Outline Unit B

In this unit you’ll learn, step by step, how to apply beauty makeup with your airbrush. You’ll discover which techniques airbrush experts use often and which they normally avoid. You’ll learn how to create seamless foundation, flattering blush and how to add definition to the face with highlight and shadow. Once you have mastered these core skills, airbrush makeup will become a breeze.

Beauty Airbrush Makeup Application

In this video, you’ll learn

  • How to color match and apply seamless airbrush foundation
  • How to choose and apply airbrush blush
  • How to select and apply airbrush highlight and shadow colors
  • Effective blending and contouring

Airbrush Makeup Techniques

In this book, you’ll learn

  • How to create a seamless finish
  • Techniques for working around sensitive facial features
  • How to combine your airbrush with classical makeup
  • Which airbrush nozzles to use for detailed work

Airbrush Corrections

In this video, you’ll learn

  • How to intensify a look that is too soft
  • How to soften a look that is too harsh
  • How to deal with makeup fall-out
  • How to correct by applying makeup by hand