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Happy Holidays!

December is here, which means that it’s time for our annual holiday makeup contest!

When you think of the holidays, Santa’s Workshop is likely one of the first images to come to mind. But Santa needs his elves, and this year they have inspired our theme!

This year, we want to see your best elf-inspired makeup!

There will be an amazing prize for the winner, AND a special prize for QC students and graduates who enter the contest!

How It Works

  1. Complete your makeup look, and submit a before and after photo through the submission form below.
  2. On December 15th, we’ll post the semi-finalists to QC’s Facebook Page. You’ll vote for your favorites by liking the best photos! The number of votes will play a part in determining the finalists, however, the judge will make the final decision as to who will proceed to the finals.
  3. At noon on December 18th, five finalists will be announced on QC’s Facebook page. The five finalists will be chosen based on the judge’s choice as well as the number of votes received on Facebook.
  4. The five finalists will be critiqued by QC Makeup Academy’s tutor and judge, Nathan Johnson, who will also pick the grand prize winner! We will announce the grand prize winner on December 20th, just in time to put these beautiful looks to use at holiday parties!
  5. Entry Form

    Please read the rules above carefully before entering the contest. You must include a before photo (model with no makeup) in order to qualify for the semi-finals. You will automatically be disqualified if your photo has been edited (e.g. use of a filter on your photo, smoothing or blurring of the skin, etc.). Poor photo quality will also be penalised during the semi-finalist selection.

Your “Merry Little Elf” Makeup Look

Santa’s elves aren’t all identical, which means that you can be totally creative and original with your submission(s)!
We want to see your best “elfin” makeup look!

Your Tutor & Judge

QC Tutor Nathan Johnson will judge our contest. Here’s his advice for contestants:

There is no better way to spread holiday cheer than with a winter makeover, except when that winter makeover has an ELFIN theme! This years holiday contest is tailor-made to stretch your imagination and challenge your skills.

What is a holiday elf to you? For some it will involve realism and complex prosthetics, for others it will be more artistic-perhaps more of a cartoon or pop art interpretation. As long as you have fun, there is no right or wrong.

I will be assigning points values to the following areas:

Creativity/Originality: As long as you delve into the elfin world, there are no limits to what you can create. This is your chance to show personality and flair, take risks, and express yourself. Here’s a tip, don’t do Google searches and copy or modify an existing makeup…be yourself and be a true creator. If you create from your own imagination, you’ll rack up higher points.

Realism: Does the makeup look realistic? Whether you make a woodland elf, an elf prince/princess, a LOTR Elf, an elf who just survived an epic battle, a cartoon recreation, a pop art elf, or whatever other elf you can imagine, make sure that the character is realistic for the genre you are working within.

Combination of skills/difficulty: The more difficult and complex techniques you utilize, the more likely you are to get higher points. If you use prosthetics, practice getting perfectly smooth edges and making sure the coloration is realistic. If you create a cartoon character, make sure to perfect highlight/shadow and precise application techniques. No matter what you try to create, pay attention to every detail, including symmetry, blending, and over-all accuracy. The better your use of combined skills, the higher points you will receive.

The story: I want to read a few lines that tell the tale of your character. Not what you did, but who it is, what happened, etc. Include your in the “description” box in the entry form below. This is your chance to sell me the makeup through storytelling. Historically, this is the most overlooked section of the contest and in the past in has been what has made or broken the winner.

Final Image: Bring the image to life. This comes down to clear photography, use of props, costumes, and setting. Does the image enhance and further the make-up artistry? Delicate and tasteful Photoshopping and use of lighting/ring lights are acceptable, but Instagram/Snapchat filters and Facetune correcting apps are not.

Final note: Good luck and have a ton of fun. I cannot wait to see the amazing magic you’re going to make.

The Grand Prize

The winner will receive a gorgeous Tarte Limited-Edition Treasure Box (estimated retail value $59), a Sephora “Fox in a box” sponge set (estimated retail value $18), and a Too Faced ‘Tis the Season to Sparkle Glitter Set (estimated retail value $24).


Special Prize for QC Students & Grads

This contest is open to everyone, not just QC students and grads. However, this year we’ve decided to include a special prize that is reserved exclusively to QC students and grads!

So, if you are a QC student/grad, include your student number when you send in your entry! At the end of the contest period, we’ll draw a random QC student who entered the contest, and the lucky winner will receive this adorable Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda (estimated retail value $58)!

Still have Questions?

We’ve answered the most common ones below! You can also read through the contest rules for more information, or contact us if your questions still aren’t answered!

Can I enter if I’m not a QC Student?

Yes you can! This contest is open to anyone who has a love of makeup, whether you’re already a member of the QC Community or not!

When will the semi-finalists be announced?

The semi-finalists will be announced on QC Makeup Academy’s Facebook Page on December 18th at noon. You’ll be able to vote for the finalists by “liking” your favorite image in each category.

When will the winners be announced?

Voting will continue until 12pm Eastern Time on December 18th. The five finalists will be chosen based on a mix of judge’s choice and Facebook votes. On December 20th, we’ll post the critiques of all five finalists, and announce the winners!

What happens if I win?

And we hope you do!

We’ll contact you via email or by phone to arrange delivery of your prize. We’ll need to speak to you first, as we won’t send out any prizes before we can verify your address either by phone or email, so make sure you’re available to chat!

You can read the full contest rules here.

Submission Form