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Student Testimonials

“I’m so glad that I enrolled. I loved the work and assignments. I learned everything from small tips and tricks to what makeup goes with what seasons! … My experience with QC Makeup Academy was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing a future career in makeup artistry. It’s a great kick-start for people who are young and passionate like I was!”

—Sophie Rosemary Knight
Master Makeup Artistry graduate

QC’s Makeup Artistry Courses

Watch this video to learn more about online makeup artistry training!

How the Courses Work

Study online at your own pace!

Complete fun and practical hands-on assignments

You’ll receive all your DVDs, course guides and books you’ll need

Upload your work to the online student center

Watch instructional videos

Your personal tutor evaluates your work and provides you with audio feedback

Read beautiful full-color texts on makeup theory

On course completion, you’ll receive your certificate in the mail and you’ll be a certified makeup artist!

Free Makeup Starter Kit

Available for a limited time only!
When you enroll in the Makeup Artistry or Master Makeup Artistry courses, you’ll receive a gorgeous 5-piece makeup starter kit* to help you launch your professional career!
Makeup Kit Estimated Value: $250

* Makeup starter kits available while supplies last.

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