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makeup tutorial

Makeup Trends, Makeup Tutorial

Beyoncé Inspired Makeup Recreation

Queen B, Bey, Princess of Pop; Beyoncé’s name is known and adored all across the globe. In this video, watch as YouTube correspondent Jessica recreates Beyoncé’s “glam” makeup look with matte skin and bold lips.



How to Write a Blog

When you’re launching your business, your website is a crucial element that you don’t want to neglect. Your blog is a big part of enticing customers to your site.


Makeup by Brittany

How to Make Your Eyebrows Smile

In this post, makeup artist Brittany talks about how to make your eyebrows smile and walks us through achieving the perfect blended brow.



Dress Code 101: Women’s Attire

In this cross-post from QC Style Academy, we outline what is expected from different dress codes and what they mean.

makeup tutorial

Makeup Trends, Makeup Tutorial

Iggy Azalea Makeup Tutorial

Rising hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea sports a classic matte look with bold lips and defined eyes. In today’s video, Jessica gives a detailed tutorial on how you can achieve Iggy’s look at home.

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Business, Makeup by Brittany

Getting Personal with Makeup Artist Brittany

Professional makeup artist Brittany Hall shares the ups and downs of her journey to realizing her dreams, including her education and some tough decisions she had to make.

makeup tutorial

Business, Graduate Feature

A Day in the Life of a Makeup Artist

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a makeup artist is like? It might not be what you expect! Watch this video with professional makeup artist Jessica Wyatt for a peek inside her everyday routine.