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Hair Styling Feature


Hair Styling for Makeup Artists

Looking for ways to expand your skill set? Find out how learning hair styling can help you become an even more employable makeup artist!

Runway Makeup Feature

Business, Makeup Trends

New York Fashion Week: Nathan’s Runway Makeup Concept

Designing makeup for the runway is a fun career option that can have some big payoffs! You could influence makeup trends and have people all over the world using your work as inspiration. Sounds exciting, right? Catch up with Nathan, who recently conceptualized looks for a New York Fashion Week runway, and find out what it takes to design runway makeup and all it’s amazing benefits!

Interview Skills Feature


Job Interview Skills: The Do’s and Don’ts

Preparing for a job interview? Here are some job interview skills to practice in order to impress your interviewer and land your dream job!

Makeup Business Tips

Business, Makeup by Brittany

6 Makeup Business Startup Tips

Are you thinking of starting your own makeup business? If you are, there’s a lot you need to know! A successful business requires more than just talent with a makeup brush. Learn from someone who’s been there: Join Brittany Hall as she covers six unique makeup business startup tips that will help you succeed.

Airbrush Coming Soon

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Introduction to Airbrush Makeup

Have you ever considered trying your hand at airbrush makeup? You probably have a few questions about it before you dive right in! Introduce yourself to the wonderful world of airbrush makeup as we answer some frequently asked questions!

Vday Date Night Feature

Makeup Tutorial

Nichole’s Valentine’s Day Date Night Makeup Tutorial

If you have a hot date this Valentine’s Day, or simply looking for a fun, sweet look to try, check out Nichole’s date night makeup tutorial!

50 shades feature

Makeup by Brittany, Makeup Tutorial

Fifty Shades of Grey: Sultry Makeup Tutorial

Are you a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey? In honor of the movie’s release, learn how to create a sultry makeup look!

Find Job


Tips for Job Searchers

Job searching can be difficult and intimidating with electronic processes, repetitive information, and complicated wording. But looking for a job doesn’t have to be a negative experience! Check out these tips and tricks to excel in your job search!

Date Night

Makeup Tutorial

VIDEO: The Perfect Date Night Smokey Eye

Watch this quick video featuring MAC makeup artist Jamie Smith as she teaches you how you can achieve an amazing dark glittery date night smokey eye!

Terrible Website


Tips for Building a Terrible Website

You want to have a nice-looking, easy-to-navigate, up-to-date website, right? Sometimes you have to know what it takes to make a terrible website to understand what makes a GOOD one!