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Social Media for Beginners

If “Social Media” to you means watching the news with friends, this article is definitely for you! Check out our guide on social media for beginners.

Become a freelance makeup artist

Business, Makeup by Brittany

Getting Started as a Freelance Makeup Artist

If you’re planning to start your own business as a freelance makeup artist, heeding this advice will help you go far. There are so many possible career paths as a freelancer!

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Seven Ways to be a Horrible Makeup Artist

If you want to be a horrible makeup artist, follow this list of foolproof tactics to rightly earn your title. (To be a good makeup artist, do the opposite!)

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Interview Makeup for Makeup Artists

In our latest tutorial, YouTube Correspondent Jessica creates two interview makeup looks for makeup artists: a bold lip and subtle eye, and a bold eye with a subtle lip.

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Building Your Website: What You Need to Know

Think about how many websites you come across in a day. Of those websites, think about how quickly you have passed on a website because of its poor design.

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How to Dress for Your Body Type

Have you ever tried on the latest style to find that it just doesn’t suit you? Dressing for your body type can have quite the impact on your appearance. Following these fashion rules can help you put your best face/body forward. BUT don’t get us wrong: if it makes you happy, wear it!

Personal branding and your business


Personal Branding and Your Business

Even in your own career, personal branding plays a huge part in your successes (and, consequently, your failures). Having a “personal brand” is a great way to assure quality and make people remember you.

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Makeup by Brittany, Makeup Tips and Tricks

Sanitization of Makeup

Today we are going to be talking about the sanitization of makeup and general makeup cleanliness. I am going to be speaking more to the sanitation of a professional makeup kit rather than a personal makeup bag (which is fairly straightforward).

Special effects makeup

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Special Effects Makeup: Bob Scribner

Bob Scribner is an accomplished makeup and special effects artist. He has worked on the set of Planet of the Apes, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, CSI, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jericho, and Deadwood (to name a few).

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Beyoncé Inspired Makeup Recreation

Queen B, Bey, Princess of Pop; Beyoncé’s name is known and adored all across the globe. In this video, watch as YouTube correspondent Jessica recreates Beyoncé’s “glam” makeup look with matte skin and bold lips.