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Mobile Makeup Kit

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Packing your Mobile Makeup Kit

If you’re a makeup artist on the go, you’ll need to know how to pack your mobile makeup kit effectively, making sure you’re carrying all the essentials. Find out how in this video by QC Tutor Azzi Williams!

How to Study


How to Study

Do you have a study routine? How is it working for you? Learn more about how to study efficiently and effectively by following these handy tips!

Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial - Collage

Makeup by Brittany, Makeup Tutorial

The Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial: Katniss Everdeen

Do you LOVE the Hunger Games? How about the Hunger Games Makeup? Learn how to recreate a Katniss Everdeen look from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Makeup Palettes and Brushes

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Avoiding a Crisis: Infections & Allergies from Makeup

When you apply makeup to someone else, you must be aware of the risks of infections & allergies from makeup. Learn how you can avoid this or deal with the fallout!



What to do in the Off Season

Most businesses will have an off season where they don’t get as many clients or sales. Join us as we discuss how to best take advantage of this season!

Analytics for Websites


A Beginner’s Guide to Website Analytics

Do you have a website? I hope you’re keeping track of your analytics! You won’t believe the amount of information they contain! Learn more in this article!

BB Cream vs CC Cream

Makeup Reviews

BB Cream vs CC Cream… Which one is Right for You?

Do you know the difference between BB Cream vs CC Cream? Do you know how to use them? Join Brittany Hall as she explains how each is used by makeup artists.

bad review


How to Handle Bad Reviews

While it’s every business owner’s nightmare, bad reviews sometimes happen. In this helpful article, QC teaches you how to handle bad reviews to maintain your reputation!

Contest Winners


Halloween Makeup Contest: The WINNERS!

Find out the winners of QC’s Halloween Makeup Contest 2014 and why the judges think the three winners were truly deserving of their prizes!