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Cosplay Photo Collage

Makeup Trends, Style

Cosplay Photo Shoot: Hair, Makeup, and Style!

Check out this awesome example of makeup, hair and style working together in this collection of Cosplay pictures from a recent photo shoot with Laurie Vukich!

Doll Makeup Feature Photo

Makeup Tips and Tricks, Makeup Tutorial

Cartoon Doll Theatre Makeup Tutorial

Follow along as we show you how to create a theatrical cartoon doll look! You can follow the detailed steps exactly, or learn how to do a more subtle version.

Contouring Brushes

Makeup Tips and Tricks, Makeup Tutorial

QC’s Guide to Contouring

Watch QC’s quick and easy guide to contouring and get some expert advise on how to do it right without going overboard! This video is super useful for all levels of makeup artists!

Winter Makeup

Makeup by Brittany

Warm up your Winter Makeup!

Winter can be a drag… but your makeup doesn’t have to be! Join QC’s Brittany Hall as she explains how you can beat the winter blues and pull off one of her favorite winter makeup looks!

Career Opportunities


Researching New Career Opportunities

Considering a big career change but not quite sure where to start or what steps you should take to get there? Check out these career paths you may not have considered before and get tips on how to go about getting information on them!

QC Makeup Academy Showcase Critiques by Nathan Johnson

About the School, Student Feature

QC Makeup Student Showcase: Critiques from Nathan Johnson

Join Nathan Johnson as he critiques three of his favorite looks from the online student showcase! Nathan explores three outstanding makeup applications from a fashion shoot to a fantasy look!

Chemicals to Avoid

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Chemicals to Avoid

As a makeup artist, it is your duty to understand what chemicals can be harmful to your clients and their skin. Informing yourself and your clients about potentially dangerous ingredients that is often found in makeup is important in order to protect yours and your clients’ health. Here are some chemical ingredients you should avoid entirely!

Ramp up Marketing


Time to Ramp up your Marketing?

Is it time to ramp up your marketing efforts? Due to the New Year, January can be a busy time for most businesses, so it’s a smart time to beef up your marketing! Here are some tips to get you started.

Student Center Resources

About the School

Resources in the Online Student Center

Watch this video that explores some of the hidden gems in QC Makeup Academy’s online student center! Learn how to use these tools to enhance your skills and further your makeup artistry career.

Client Consultations by Brittany

Business, Makeup by Brittany

Client Consultations: How to Listen to What THEY Want

Catch up with professional makeup artist, Brittany Hall, as she discusses the art of the client consultation! Learn how to ask the RIGHT questions in order to understand and deliver exactly what your clients want!